Born in Korea
Lives and works in London.
Studying MFA in Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London (London, UK)
Completion of Ph.D Course in Fine Arts Philosophy, Hong-ik University (Seoul, Korea)
M.F.A., Painting Dept., Graduate School, Hong-ik University (Seoul, Korea)
B.F.A., Painting Dept., College of Fine Arts, Hong-ik University (Seoul, Korea)
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2008 A Desert Garden (Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul, Korea)
Spring of Desert (Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China)
2005 in My Room (Gallery Doll, Seoul, Korea)
Online Solo Exhibition (www.auctionarts.co.kr, Pyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
Persephone's Secret Room (Munhwa Ilbo Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2003 Fatal Rest (Do Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
Art Fairs
2011 AF's H (Art & Antiques Fair ’s-Hertogenbosch)
(Brabanthallen, ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherland)
2010 Art Dubai 2010 (Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE)
2009 PULSE Miami 2009 (The Ice Palace, Miami, USA)
Korean International Art Fair 2009 (COEX, Seoul, Korea)
Korea Galleries Art Fair (Busan-Bexco, Busan, Korea)
Art Dubai 2009 (Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE)
SCOPE New York 2009 (Lincoln Center Damrosch Park, New York, USA)
2008 Art Singapore 2008 (Suntec Singapore, Singapore, Singapore)
China International Gallery Exposition 2008
(China World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China)
Art Fair Tokyo 2008 (Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan)
Art Dubai 2008 (Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE)
2007 Asia Contemporary Art Fair New York (Pier92, New York, USA)
Seoul Art Fair (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)
Art Singapore 2007 (Suntec Singapore, Singapore, Singapore)
Korean International Art Fair 2007 (COEX, Seoul, Korea)
Korean Contemporary Art Fair, Solo Booth (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)
2006 Korean Contemporary Art Fair, Solo Booth (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)
2004 Art Seoul Fair, Solo Booth (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)
Selected Group Exhibitions
2011 Korean Collective Basel 2011
(Hall 33, Contemporary Art Center Basel, Basel, Switzerland)
Jeong Ji-hyun, Mo Jun-seok, Hwang Chang-ha,Three-Artists Exhibition
(Gallery Sun Gangnam, Seoul, Korea)
2010 Korean Collective London 2010 (Albemarle gallery, London, UK)
My Room Our Atelier, Final show of Jangheung Atelier Residency (Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
Sun Gallery 33rd anniversary Exhibition (Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
Painting+ (Gallery Sun Gangnam, Seoul, Korea)
2009 Next Generation (Open Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
Hong-ik Art Design Festival 2009 (Hong-ik Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)
Art Road 77–with Art, with Artist! (Gallery Jireh, Heyri Artist Valley, Korea)
Green Cake Art Fair (Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
So Close Yet So Far Away–Exhibition of Women Artists Archive,
International Incheon Women Artists' Biennale (Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea)
The Painting as Furniture (Jangheung Art Park Red Space, Jangheung, Korea)
People, Nature–the Message of Life and Desire
(Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention, Seoul, Korea)
The 10th Cutting Edge–Portfolio
(LG Fashion Flagship Store/Seoul Auction Space, Seoul, Korea)
Jangheung Atelier Open Studio (Jangheung Atelier, Jangheung, Korea)
Atelier's Artisits Special Exhibition (Jangheung Atelier Exhibition Hall, Jangheung, Korea)
Jeong Ji-hyun & Hong Ji-yeon, Two-Artists Exhibition
(Gallery Sun Gangnam, Seoul, Korea)
Contemporary Asian Art, Sotheby's Hong Kong
(Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, China)
Under the influence, Cutting Edge-Contemporary Art
(Phillips de Pury & Co., New York, USA)
13 Young Artists : Above Daily Life (Rho Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2008 KAMI(The Korean Arts Management Institute)'s Choice Exhibition
: The Soul of Korean Contemporary Art (Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
Sun Contemporary 0809 (Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul, Korea)
Merry Colorful Abstraction (Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea)
Korea Now: Emerging Korean Art (Sotheby's Tel-Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Israel)
Jeong Ji-hyun/Hong Ji-yeon/Hwang Chang-ha, Three-Artists Exhibition
(Gallery Sun Gangnam, Seoul, Korea)
55 Contemporary Artists Selected by Critics under the Sponsorship of Monthly Chosun
(Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)
2007 Sun Contemporary 0708 (Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul, Korea)
Pocheon Asia Biennale (Pocheon Banweol Art Hall, Pocheon, Korea)
The 1st Art Auction Show in Seoul (COEX, Seoul, Korea )
The 1st Dioriginal's Art Auction–Modern & Contemporary Art
(Emporia D-Auction, Seoul, Korea)
In Touch of the Present, Korean Artists Collaboration (Wada Fine Arts, Tokyo, Japan)
The 1st Insa Art Festival (Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
The 29th Joongang Fine Arts Prize (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)
Real Seeing & Real View–Made in Korea (Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
Red & Blue–View on the Surface (Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
Flower (Dru Art Space, Seoul, Korea)
Diversity in Form and Thought: Recent works of Korean Artists
(Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China)
Auction by the galleria and Seoul Auction (Seoul Auction Gangnam Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
The 21st Century Contemporary Paintings (Dong-a Museum, Deagoo, Korea)
No Bounds (Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul, Korea)
2006 Korean Art-Vision 2007 (Gana Forum Space, Seoul, Korea)
Korea-France Young Artists Festival (Modern Culture Center, Icheon, Korea)
Diversity in Form and Thought: Recent works of Korean Artists
(Museum of Imperial City, Beijing, China)
Vision of Contemporary Painting (AKA Seoul, Seoul, Korea)
The 5th Cutting Edge(Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
Space & Woman (Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
We Meet Prague, Korean Contemporary 16 Artists Exhibition
(Passage Gallery, Prague, Czech)
The 4th Cutting Edge(Seoul Auction Center, Seoul, Korea)
40 Artists Exhibition of Contemporary Art (Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
11 Artists, Seeing the KCAF Again (AKA Seoul, Seoul, Korea)
HI·PH DC(Hong-ik Ph. D Course) Exhibition (Gallery Ho, Seoul, Korea)
2005 7 Perspectives–Merry Christmas, Friends! (Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul, Korea)
Life , Woman (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)
The 1st Seoul Young Artists Biennial (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)
The 2nd Cutting Edge (Seoul Auction Center, Seoul, Korea)
Korean Woman Artists Exhibition (Visby Museum of Art, Stockholm, Sweden)
Haman Art Center Opening Exhibition (Haman Art Center, Haman, Korea)
Korea Art Festival 2005 (Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea)
2004 Red Heaven (Changdong Art Studio, Seoul, Korea)
The 10th 'New Artists Remark' (Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea)
Global Art in New York (New York World Trade Gallery, New York, USA)
The 4th Songeun Grand Art Award (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)
Project a.l space_Ⅲ (Chong-Sin University Library, Seoul, Korea)
Naked Landscape, Three-Artists Exhibition
(Korean Electronic Power Company Plaza Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
Global Art in Korea-Japan: Exhibition for Exchanges between Korea and Japan
(Chonglo Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
Flying–Start to Walk: My Art Gallery's Young Artists Project (My Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
Paintings with Narratives, Three-Artists Exhibition (Mac Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2003 Oh! Happy Day (Theater Choo, Seoul, Korea)
The 22nd Hong-ik Woman Artists Association Exhibition (Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
2002 A Study on The Metaphor and Metonymy in Painting,
M.F.A. Candidates Thesis Exhibition (Hong-ik Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)
The 21st ‘Hong-ik Woman Artists Association’ Exhibition
(Hong-ik Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)
The 6th Na Hae-suck Woman Grand Art Award
(Kyoungki-do Culture Art Center, Suwon, Korea)
2001 The 12th Misulsegae Grand Art Award(Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)
The 7th ‘Young Artists Remark’ (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)
2000 The 1st G.P.S. 'Da-bal'
(Hong-ik Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)
Project 210 House of The Museum of Coal Town, Two-Artists Exhibition
: Korea, China, Japan, Argentina International Exhibition
(Samtan Coal Mine, Kohan, Korea)
Establishing 21c Contemporary Art (Donga Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
Forests of People & Forests of Paintings, Kwangju Biennale Special Exhibition
(Joongwoe Park, Kwangju, Korea)
Hope for the Flowers (Youngdeungpo Culture Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
Self-Portrait. net (Seokyung Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
The 10th New Frontier Award (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)
1999 Postcards of 300 Artists (Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea)
The 30th Nationwide University Art Competition
(Soseong Art Museum of Kyonggi University, Suwon, Korea)
The 25th Seoul Contemporary Art Festival (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea )
Grants & Awards
2007 Selected Artist by Joongang Fine Arts Prize (Korea)
Selected Artist by Critics under the Sponsorship of Monthly Magazine Chosun (Korea) 
2004 Selected, Songeun Grand Art Award (Korea)
2002 Selected, Na Hae-suck Woman Grand Art Award (Korea)
2001 Special Prize, Misulsegae Grand Art Award (Korea)
2000 Excellent Statue, New Frontier Award (Korea)
1999 Bronze Prize, Nationwide University Art Competition (Korea)
Special Prize, Seoul Contemporary Art Festival (Korea)
2008–2010 participating in Gana Jangheung Atelier Residence Program (Korea)
Business Project
Art and Artist #13, Bean Media
(Displayed in Every Coffee Bean in Korea/ April 1-30, 2007/ Organized by Coffee Bean with Ilju Art)
Working Experience
2007–2009 Lecturer(Painting & Drawing), Painting Dept., Hong-ik University (Seoul, Korea)
2003–2008 Lecturer(Drawing & Creating in the 3Dimensional Space), Industrial Design Dept.,
Bucheon University (Bucheon, Korea)